Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Knitting a Unicorn

Our granddaughter Esmae adores unicorns, and she has done for several years now. She is quite obsessive about her love, rather like her cousin Arlo, who has a similar fixation on trains.

I know that if I am to be in their good books and be a wonderful "Supergran" then I should continue to feed these little obsessions. :-)
That is why I stayed up until the early hours of this morning putting the finishing touches to this little chap.

Ian thinks that he looks more like an "Eeyore" than a unicorn. He certainly does have rather a sad, but resigned expression. His one redeeming feature is definitely the handspun wool he is made up with. The wool was beautiful to spin and knit, so the little unicorn is very, very soft and cuddly and smells delicious. I won't be able to hand him over to Esmae's waiting arms until I have knitted a mermaid and a mouse for her little sister....aargh, I don't like knitting toys, or rather I don't like the sewing together and stuffing bit !


speckled egg said...

Wow, he's gorgeous! What a good Nana!

Anonymous said...

Mum how sweet! You did a great job. Esmae will love it!xxuoiu

Melissa said...

hehee- he's gorgeous!
can't wait to hear what esmae says when she sees him. xx

Kate said...

super cute

hanna said...

That is so cute - I bet it does smell wonderful.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

I think its absolutly gorgous. If I was a kid I would love it. The color is gorgous, and it looks just right for holding onto. I especially love the horn!!