Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Random Thoughts

Our youngest son Alexander became engaged over the weekend. There was a very romantic proposal made, a beautiful diamond ring and a "yes, yes, yes"

The happy couple are coming home this Labour weekend along with Alexander's new family to celebrate.

Already I have found myself making lists of food to eat, shopping to be brought, things to be done before Friday but in amongst all this mind activity, I awake in the middle of the night to thoughts of when all five of my children were tucked up in bed here at home.

When the thoughts in my head were their timetables, Melissa's cello lesson at 4.00pm on Tuesday, Tamsin has swimming at school...take togs..maths on Wednesday, Tristan will need to be picked up after school on Thursday, not catching the bus, drop his violin off, Alexander wants a friend home on Monday afternoon, Sarah has a school trip to the airport and her teacher wants parent helpers. Busy, busy.
Before the children when I used to help in the old cowshed....on the little piece of board next to the milk vat....numbers 62, 41, 35 on the bucket today, 52 needs a penicillin injection and 18 has sore feet.
Lists and information, facts and figures stored away never to be used again. What happens to it all ?
It gets brought out in the middle of the night to keep me awake and restless.

Another list, Mum's birthday invitations. Hope I didn't leave anyone out. The party food list...on and on.
Time rushes by doesn't it,
except when you are at the dentist, and that is where I am taking my Mum this morning.


Nikki said...

Oh woah! They look like a gorgy couple. :)


Lies said...

They do look very splendid and happy! In auckland ha!
The photo of all your 'little ones' is very dear. So are your thoughtful worries Sally.

kimberlee said...

i like hearing about those days, look at all those kids! I am sure you were never bored!