Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Labour Weekend

What a great three days we have had.
Labour weekend's weather forecast was for wet and cold days with intermittent showers and instead here in Nelson, it was fine and warm and sunny.
We were able to show off "our place" to our visitors .. Alexander's new family. A great time was had by all and there was lots of talk about the wedding, bouncing ideas back and forward.
Ian and I are standing on the right, Robyn (Kristin's Mum), Alexander, Kristin, Jamie and Matt (Kristin's sister and her boyfriend ),and Hayley, Kristin's other sister in front, Graeme (Kristin's Dad) is taking the photo.

Alexander is flying to London on Thursday by himself...he won the Dyson Kiwi Young Designer of the Year Award and is off to enjoy his prize. His boss is meeting him in Dublin and they are going to watch the All Blacks against Ireland. He is also going to Italy and Germany, so he is very excited.

He is an industrial designer but has an interest in all design...he designed Kristin's ring.

Well, it is such a beautiful day that I am now going to sit in my garden with a cup of tea, reflect on the weekend and the lovely people that we have got to know better and enjoy the fruits of my labour.


pebbledash said...

How wonderful...everyone looks so happy!

Heart in the country said...

You must be so proud of Alexander winning the award, and what a beautiful ring he designed...so romantic.

I hope he likes the uk and europe, and has a really good time at the match...we will all be watching on the TV!


Kimberlee and Lies said...

Wow! What a weekend indeed. Your new family looks very happy in Nelson. Your son is so gifted! And your garden is beautiful...
Yes a little quiet knitting there must be very very satisfying, on top of all that excitement.
X Lies

Little Miss Flossy said...

Look at your beautiful garden, I'd have a hard time ever leaving such a pretty place. Lovely family photos.

Alexander said...

thanks mum!!!! for an amazing wknd - everyone had a ball. basketball that is (=

vanessa said...

Congratulations on your son's engagement, your new Daughter-in-Law looks lovely........................ But your beautiful garden! Gasp! I love gardening, so I can fully appreciate how gogeous yours is....................... And I'm so glad you left a comment on my blog, because now I've found your lovely blog!

kimberlee said...

congrats to the happy couple.

ah family time :)