Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Navajo Way

There is always something new to learn, and an elderly friend once told me that she didn't consider it to be a good day if she hadn't learnt some truth, fact, skill or technique before she went to bed at night.
I certainly agree with that, and today at the Creative Fibre Group I belong to, we learnt how to ply from one single bobbin instead of two, which is the way I have always used for too many years to count.

I couldn't wait to return home to have a go on my spinning wheel, and that is what I did this afternoon instead of working in the garden.

It was most enjoyable, Uncle Alan came to visit and sat for a couple of hours recounting his war stories again to me. He only needed a couple of prompts from me and I was transported back in time to 1942, in Italy....Mussolini, partisans, and a love affair with a beautiful young Italian woman ... Mary...the love of his life.
He doesn't usually wear his war medals on a random visit, but he wanted a photo with them to show to a young relative.
Well, back to the spinning..........
The 2ply version...my usual way.

Now this is the Navajo way of plying, using one single.

For me this navajo way of plying and making a fibre was extremely exciting. it involves a technique of making a chain...just like finger crochet.

My first attempt wasn't as even as I would have liked, but I know the next bobbin will be OK.
Today I have learnt the Navajo way AND some fascinating family history!


pebbledash said...

Oh I couldn't agree more! Lovely to see a pic of Uncle Alan, bless him. The colour of that yarn is so beautiful, I love the different tones. So, what am I going to learn today.......
D x

Heart in the country said...

Beautiful colours in your yarn, whatever you make with it will be lovely.