Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Workshop time

With hot temps. outside and a few hours on my own, I have been able to spend some time in my cool workshop , well it's actually not that cool, but with the doors and windows open it gives the illusion of a little oasis.

I have a plan, and although I know I probably shouldn't have started ANOTHER quilt I truly couldn't help myself.
This one is the first of a series I am doing for my grandchildren. They are all going to be bright and scrappy and I am selecting fabrics with a certain colour scheme in mind for each child.

It was inspired by a T-shirt that Esmae was wearing down the bay, the colour was a gorgeous orange with a teal and green motif .Purple and pink are pretty popular with her too.

Then because I was feeling a wee bit guilty at starting yet another new project, I thought I would spend some of the precious time working on, and finishing projects from previous years.

This is Melissa's quilt that I am handquilting with these threads,

It was supposed to have been finished for her birthday a couple of years ago, but maybe I will have it ready for this year's birthday.

I have almost finished quilting this blue and white quilt. I think I shall use it as a top for my dining table as I have some pretty blue spode china plates on the wall ..... they can be the backdrop!


Little Miss Flossy said...

I love the blue and white quilt - one of my plans this year is to make some quilts out of my vintage sheets and the wild flowers need to be broken up by white sashing, do you think that kind of idea would work? How did you sew the white between the blues?

cathleen said...

You have a beautiful way of putting your fabrics together...I have a few of those coloful Martha Negley and Kaffe Fassett fabrics in my fabric cupboard. The blue and white quilt is really soothing to my eyes...you do lovely work.

Katie Driscoll said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who takes years to finish a project :P I love the colors for all of your quilts, I'm sure your family will be happy to receive them.

Gillybean said...

"Ditto" about the blue and white one, how did you create it so the white is between each square? I'm about to cut up some fabric I love and like the effect created by the white in between.

speckled egg said...

Gorgeous. ALl gorgeous. I especially like the top one. Very Kaffe Fassety xx

caireen said...

lovely to see all your quilts in progress x

janet said...

They're all terrific quilts! I have made the japanese one and quilted it big stitch style, I loved every minute of it.
You're going so well with your projects.

Kate Shuttleworth said...

i love the first two - they have a real retro feel!