Sunday, January 4, 2009

Strings and Things

Delphiniums from the garden....... nothing at all to do with the post, I just love the colours of this pic.

I am packing a bag today and my thoughts are already flying ahead of me to a destination that I try to attend every year in January....The String Quartet Summer School in Auckland.

Here there is no television, no children or family members requiring attention or food, no shopping or computers, but seven days and nights of intense music making and playing our stringed instruments with like minded friends. At night we are treated to wonderful concerts given to us by professional players, usually from The NZSO or Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra.

All are meals are provided and there are no problems to solve, other than sightreading a piece of music that is completely new, and facing a few challenges when it comes to the performance, a few stiff necks and shoulders from having the violin permanently placed under the chin...hmm that reminds me to pack some tiger balm. Not to mention the late nights staying up to play Mendlesohhn's Octet very badly, or brazenly cheating at Pictionary or a game of five hundred.
It is all immense fun and I won't return until the 12th January.

So I will see you then..............

I hope you all enjoy a great start to the New Year with time to do all the things you love the most.


Heart in the country said...

Lovely photo of the Delphiniums, they are really beautiful flowers...there is a farmer in Wiltshire who has diversified into making eco confetti from dried Delph petals, so much nicer than the paper stuff! A great reminder of the summer for me as well as we sit shivering in -7 degree temperatures!

Have some lovely 'you' time at the Summer School.


speckled egg said...

Beautiful flowers! And I hope you have a lovely time at music.

pinkflowerbuttons said...

What gorgous flowers and the photos look so peaceful.

Candyce said...

I love the colors too!

I hope you have a wonderful time and make lots of lovely music.

Lies said...

Oh what a stunning bunch. I fear I read this post too late -only just back from holidays- but you are always welcome to drop by here in Auckland Sally... Happy new year to you and you family...
X Lies