Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Birthday Greeting

Melissa (tinyhappy) has a birthday today, and I have made her a quilt.
.The fabrics are mainly Japanese with solid small blocks of colour in between the larger squares. I hand quilted it with different colours of perle cotton no.8.

This morning I have been thinking back in my memory of that special day when she was born.

I felt so elated and excited and could hardly believe that she was mine.

My father came to see her when she was just two hours old, bearing a huge bunch of black tulips like these ones

and a very large bag of chocolate goodies, and Melissa and I were terribly spoilt with lots of visits from family and friends. What happiness I can conjure up just thinking about that magical time.

Ka nui taku aroha ki a koe dearest Melissa


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt, beautiful flowers, beautiful words.

Francesca said...

Your father brought you special tulips for a special little girl, what a nice memory! Your birthday quilt is also very special: that's where Melissa gets her talent! Congratulations on your etsy shop.

Apryl said...

georgeous quilt, it's truly very special. I have yet to learn to quilt, though I have a tidy(ish) pile of teastained fabrics I want to turn into a small lapquilt to live in the living room, I have yet to be brave enough to cut it into squares let alone sew them together... one day..

The Curious Cat said...

What a wonderful quilt! I am sure she will be thrilled. I want to make one myself...just a little timid. Happy Birthday Melissa! xxx

Caterine said...

this is a wonderful present.

Karina said...

Beautiful work, love the colours!!!

I see that tinyhappy is your daugther, I can see where the talent comes from.
I will some day attempt to do some patch work...myself..

Jannette said...

What a beautiful quilt, and what precious memories behind it..

Frauke H. said...

Oh, your the mum of tiny happy!
I seen your quilt on her blog first.
I love her blog too. And now its very interesting
For me to see the different way of creativity.
Thanks to share this in your both blogs.
Frauke from WASANDRES in germany
(sorry, because of my bad english :-/ )

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by the words in another language; they, too, seem beautiful and poetic. It must be a native language of New Zealand? Are many New Zealanders fluent in the native language?

(Frauke, your English is beautiful.)

Janet said...

I love lilacs and i love the quilt too, I should since I've made it as well. Happy birthday to tiny happy.

kate said...

that's really beautiful... the quilt and the maori words to M.