Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shades of the ocean

The other day I found myself stuck inside on a rainy afternoon with two children. We had had enough Snakes and Ladders and a certain little boy thought that perhaps we could watch "Finding Nemo". They had both seen it before, but I hadn't and I was quite startled to watch at the very beginning of the movie little Nemo's mum and all his brothers and sisters being killed, leaving just him and his Dad.
I thought that it was quite a sad thing for little ones to see, but they were totally unpertubed, and took great delight to watch from time to time my reaction to the exciting , and scary bits in the film.
I guess I just have to harden up !
While all the action was happening under the water with Nemo and his friends I was spinning rapidly and yesterday produced this skein which will go in my etsy shop. It is 80 %merino and 20% silk and has turned out to be a luxurious skein of loveliness.


BellaBree said...

oh I love it! gorgeous colours!

Francesca said...

Beautiful. Spinning must really feel be like magic happening.

Floh said...

The colour turned out great! - When my kids watched the Movie they got frightened ( 8 and 6 years old!)

Mary Keenan said...

That yarn is the perfect marriage of colour and movie viewing choice ;^) except that Nemo is scary and your handspun is uplifting. So beautiful! I had a lovely dream about it after I first read this post, but somebody else beat me to it in your shop - lucky them!

Anonymous said...

I don't watch movies or television--can't stand being manipulated. It's a bad influence on society. Think of all those "hardened" people out there one has to deal with.