Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sounds of Summer

In the afternoons lately I have been coming in from working outside in the garden and spending an hour or two quilting this quilt that I first started several years ago. Because this is rather monotonous work I have been entertained by watching past episodes of TV shows on the laptop.
Today, whilst wondering why I could hardly hear the verbal exchanges between Donald Draper and his band of merry mad men, I realised that the cicadas have arrived ...whole colonies in fact.
I have all the windows and doors open because yes, it is a beautiful summer's day here...but hey, I can't be outside all the time can I ?

I think February the 1st must be the official birthday of the cicadas here in the 'Top of the South'.
They have quite an orchestra up there in the gum tree. I would love to know the decible count.

I thought I would show you their hazardous route from under the ground. They crawl from a hole in the ground, climb their way to the nearest tree, shed their crunchy brown skin, and become very noisy green little creatures.
I remember when I was eleven and it was the first day back at school after the holidays, my friends and I would spend the whole lunch hour collecting as many cicada skins as we could find and attaching them to our school uniforms...their little leg skins have tiny barbs that would stick on to the fabric of our uniforms. Those were the days !


christina said...

I remember collecting cicada shells too - such fun! Never thought to stick them to my uniform though. Must remember that for when my girl's bigger. =)

The Curious Cat said...

I saw these once on a documentary...so interesting! I also love your patchwork- how beautiful...xxx

Lori ann said...

I wonder too how loud they are. once we were in a forest of them and the sound was deafening!

So interesting, i like seeing the photos and learning about them. Nice pictures Sally!

and the quilt, well, i'm completely impressed. It's just stunning.

Holly C. said...

You do beautiful quilt work!

Here in my region of the United States cicadas emerge once every 17years. Thank goodness- because I do not them and their beady red eyes!

I found your blog via your daughter Melissa's lovely blog.


lizzie said...

I love your blog also and the lovely summer pictures.Here in Chicago we are having one of the coldest winters I ever remember; while it is great to stay in and knit and quilt we are eagerly awaiting the Spring. Your quilts are lovely; your sense of color is wonderful.
We have cicadas too - the noise at the end of the summer has been described as being like a brass band !