Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Growth

I am thinking about making another baby blanket, maybe a zigzag knitted one, and I am going on a long car trip tomorrow, so it would be the perfect time to start.
I don't like bending down and looking at the knitting on my lap or checking pattern repeats when I am travelling in a car or bus....I sometimes feel sick and then I don't feel like knitting at all !
So today I shall wind these skeins into managable balls and work out how many stitiches I need for a generous sized blanket. I will decide on a very simple pattern.
Then I shall be ready to knit and gaze out the window as we whizz along.


Mary Keenan said...

Ohhhhh those are gorgeous photographs of gorgeous yarn... lucky you having that to knit, and lucky baby too!

Lori ann said...

Gosh Sally!! where do you find your yarn? I wish i could see how you decide stitches, patterns, amounts...
Have a lovely trip, happy knitting!