Friday, February 26, 2010

Waiting and Watching

Here is our front paddock having it's last cut of hay this Summer.

This has been my view this week as I sat finishing this blanket on the window seat,

watching the activity going on outside, and waiting

and wondering about the new baby that will very soon be wrapped in this blanket.
This is not the blanket I started in my last post, but rather the one I started thinking about last year. I started crocheting this last Summer, and then put it away when our daughter had a miscarriage.
Now Tamsin is about to give birth any day and the baby blanket has been finished with lots of love hooked into every stitch.
I can hardly wait !!


Gillybean said...

Waiting for babies is so exciting if you're not the one having them I think. I havn't seen Tamsin for ages, give her my Love, I hope she doesn't have to wait too much longer in this hot sticky weather.

Lori ann said...

So exciting, wishing her a safe and easy labor.
The blanket is beautiful, it's going to be so well loved. You make me feel like making one too. Your view is heaven to me.

Here's a poem my grandma taught me when i was learning to sew and knit:
When i stitch,
i stitch with bliss,
and with every stitch,
there went a kiss.

Heather said...

Congratulations on your newest and much loved grandbaby-to-come. I'm a little jealous!

I also would love a 'front paddock' and a 'window-seat' while I'm wishing for things!! Grin.

There is nothing like something handmade and warm, made with love, to welcome a new little soul into this world. It's beautiful!

caireen said...

beautiful blanket = one to treasure! Cx

kim•ber•ly said...

That is the most beautiful blanket!