Monday, February 8, 2010

Tasting and Seeing

That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.............Emily Dickinson


Gillybean said...

Wow that all looks so good. Apricot jam is my favorite!!

Heather said...

We had a terrible weekend here in Philadelphia, PA...with snow falling up to our 'yee-haws'!! :)
Your photographs make me feel warm and happy and hopeful again!

Lori ann said...

Oh Sally, your photos are beautiful, i love what you chose to share. The jams and chutneys look perfect and delicious and the colors in the garden are lovely.
I espically love the small hands holding the delicate petals.
xo lori

Anonymous said...

Wowo - Sally - you've been busy! Our kitchen is too hot to make jam in right now (sorry guys from Northern Hemisphere - but its so lovely here in NZ) Anyway, I took your advice from last year - freeze stuff until the weather is cooler. So there's probably half a plum tree in my freezer now - and not much else! Must do a jam swap with you when I get round to making mine. Beautiful flowers too - I can almost smell them from K

The Curious Cat said...

Hmmm....some things do come again though don't they?! Like your favourite ice-cream twice in a row in a week? Still, I understand what she is the photos xxx