Sunday, July 19, 2009

The day after

Last night's concert was a sell out and went really well. Everyone was happy, and it was a night to remember....phew, all those long rehearsals paid off in the end.

The day after a concert usually starts with a big "sleep in " and today was no exception.
When I finally dragged my lazy self out of bed, the sun had already been up for an hour or so and when I found these delights in the garden waiting to have their pictures taken....I was happy to oblige.

I found this book in the library last week.
Written by Birthe Koustrup, a Danish woman born in 1917, and published six times, the latest in 2004.
It is very beautiful with Birthe's exquisite botannical paintings on alternate pages and decorative motifs using the same plants on the other pages. She has drawn and painted plants from her garden and her walks in the countryside and gives interesting snippets of information about each speciman, and encouragement on drawing and design.

This is one book I do not want to take back to the library.
I think I will have to see if I can procure a copy for myself.


The Curious Cat said...

See I told you it would be worth it in the end! I'm so glad it went well! xxx

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad the concert went well. The flowers are beautiful! And that book looks so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Your orchestra sounds great--I just listened to the sample!