Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Meeting for Music

Our town is having a Winter Festival right now. Two weeks of shows, productions and concerts every night. There are lots of gigs to choose from and it pays to book early in case of missing something really memorable.

Our orchestra (N.S.O.)is performing this Saturday night. We have been rehearsing for several weeks now and the next three days are going to be intense with practising every spare moment and rehearsals with our conductor every night and Sat. morning.

We are playing Schubert's Unfinished Symphony and Dvorak's Cello Concerto and it is stirring music indeed.

The music seems to get right inside me. I fall asleep each night with it playing relentlessly in my head, and I hear the other voices of the clarinet entry and the flute, then the horns and the lower strings. It is quite strange the way this happens because I know that when the concert is over and we start rehearsing for the next one then this music will be forgotten and the new one will take over, and then several months later, I might be driving along in the car and hear some music on the radio and think " oh, we've played that ...what is it ?? "
At the moment though I am having a big love affair with this music.

I sleep fitfully the week prior to a concert and try to have a little rest in the afternoons so I can be alert for the evening rehearsal.
I might do some more work on this.

I want to start panel four, and it will be complicated enough to dispel the music in my head and replace it with "slip 2 to the back, purl three"....and so on.

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Anonymous said...

Classical music and doesn't get much better. I went to the websites you linked--very interesting!--but sadly for me, too far.