Friday, July 31, 2009

A pink pear pincushion

Add Image Another pear pincushion. I like this design by Heather Bailey.
As well as having room for lots of pins it serves as a needlecase too. The leaves at the top of the pear are felted and plenty thick enough for several needles.
Coming into Spring makes me feel more energetic. I am wanting to spend more time outside in the garden, and going for long walks by the river or the beach. I am in a hurry to finish projects that have been hanging around far too long, so that I can start new ones.

I want to eat lots of healthy green food in stir fries and salads, drink more water and breathe all the delicious smells that are coming into the garden,
and delphiniums....lots and lots of delphiniums, sweet peas, and hollyhocks and larkspur this year...I can hardly wait !


The Curious Cat said...

Sounds like the right attitude! I've been on a bit of a junk food binge recently and I think it is time to take advantage of the summer season and eat more fruit and veg. Beautiful pin cushions - did you make these ones yourself? xxx

Little Miss Flossy said...

I see daphne... delicious! The pincushions are beautiful, I didn't realise the leaves were for needles.

Art4Sol said...

your pin cushions are wonderful...I love the combination of felt and fabric.

pebbledash said...

These are lovely - and I do love the bluey-greeny one especially.

Heart in the country said...

Your pin cushions are gorgeous, I love the detail on the leaves.

Anonymous said...

I love the pin cushions! and your words on spring and new beginnings. How very inspiring. Can almost smell the daphne from over here. Bok choi (and the whole family of asia stir fry greens - wong bok, pak choi etc) are great greens to grow - we had rather a lot of it last year -but it's great stir fried with a bit of chilli and soy sauce - so easy and quick and tasty! Have a nice week finishing all those WIPs and mulling on new ones! see you soon, KP