Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting ready for Spring

We have had a week at Mount Maunganui ...a wonderful, relaxing time away. Lots of knitting was done in the back of a car by me whilst looking at the rainy, sodden landscapes as we whizzed past on our way to Whakatane, or TeAwamutu.
I needed some colour and hand stitching to do in the evenings and found some lovely KF fabrics on our travels through the little towns.
It rained most of the time we were there, except for one perfectly glorious day (that made up for all the others) when we climbed to the top of the Mount.

When I came home I was desperate to spend time in the garden. It has been sadly neglected over the last two months and the amount that needs to be done is just a little bit overwhelming.

I made a start yesterday...replanting the strawberry bed, mulching them in with some leafy compost and fertiliser.

Today I am going to plant some stocks, poppies, polyanthus and put in the broad beans and a few sweet peas, and prepare a patch for some early potatoes.

Today I feel as if Spring is just a "sniff" away.


speckled egg said...

Today I feel that Spring is a sniff, a cough a runny nose and a sneeze away but your post cheered me up! Yes it did rain a LOT last week in these parts didn't it!

Shiree said...

hmmmmm you wanna be down south then, I think that spring is quite a way away yet....we have lots of snow at the mo'!

little grubs said...

We're heading to the Mount tomorrow - I hope it looks just like your photo! x

vanessa said...

Gosh, it's weird to think you're going into Spring, when we're in high Summer here! Love your quilt colours, and the pattern, beautiful!