Monday, November 19, 2007

Catching Fish

One of my daughters told me at the weekend that she is not able to leave a comment on my blog...her comment is never published and she is wondering why , and maybe there is something wrong with the format etc on my setting up page.

So I have come up with a plan. Maybe there are lots of crafty knitters, quilters, spinners and even weavers out there who are having similar difficulties leaving a comment. Now because blogs are supposed to be interactive, I thought I would throw out a line (challenge) and see if I could catch some fish (comments).

You all know how much I love sweet peas, well I have half a metre of sweet pea fabric and half a metre of NZ fabric (paua shells) to give away .

If you post a comment (if you are not able to post a comment then send me an address is on my profile) on this post, then after one week I shall put all the names in a hat and draw the winner. Simple as that, and good luck!

Here are the fabrics.... enough to make bags, purses, patchwork or anything at all.


Gillybean said...

I'd love for you to put my name in the hat. I have a different kind of trouble with comments I can't send a reply to people. From Gill

kimberlee & Lies said...

Aha!Lets see if we get through. And a new look too, lovely! (Hee hee how funny check us out S, you'll see why!). Hope you are feeling better.
X Lies

Lia said...

I like the fabrics, they are so beautiful!


I could have been a momentarely thing!!!!... i think the posts are showing:)

pebbledash said...

I love sweet peas favourite flower.Please add me to the hat! X

Quatrefoil said...

I'm enjoying your blog very much, and the way it interacts with Melissa's amuses me too - first I see you making something, and then I see it showing up over there!

I love both of those fabrics, and despite the fact I'm meant to be using up my stash, I'd love to put my name in the hat.

Brenda said...

I had some trouble until I checked the choices under the Choose an identity section and checked other. Also, needed to hit comments on the original page. I do not have a google account so that may be why.
Love the fabrics. Brenda in Canada

KreativeMix said...


lekki said...

Just testing, I thought I'd left a comment at yarnstorm earlier today but I can't see it now. Love the blog by the way, I check it frequently. Good Fishing! Keep up the good work

goosefairy said...

sweet pea is my daughter's favorite fragrance AND her birth month flower!

here's hoping I find a spot in the hat!

Fledermaus said...
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Fledermaus said...

I love those paua shells. I've been here a lot but this has finally gotten me to comment :-)

Love from Germany

Kimberlee + Lies said...

hey there

have you made sure you are open for everyone to comment?
to check this, sign in like you are doing a new post, but click 'settings' in the upper left, then click 'comments'(in the top bar)
the second question here is "who can comment' make sure this is set to "anyone" otherwise only registered users can comment.

you probably already know this but I thought it might be helpful just in case :)


leftlane said...

I thought on first sight the shell fabric was an oil painting. It was my lazy eyes looking at images before reading again.
Hope I'm not too late to jump into the hat.
Leftlane in Melbourne

Ravenhill said...

Just discovered your blog. Lovely! I wish that I had made my discovery sooner so that I might have had a chance to win the beautiful and colorful sweet pea fabric. In any case I will be back again!