Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Thank you all so much for your comments on Keira's quilt. I am constantly fiddling about with the settings on my blog and must have done something accidentally, because the comments weren't showing for ages, anyway it is all fixed now...hopefully.
I did so enjoy giving the quilt to Keira yesterday. Both children displayed such delight and pleasure, and rolled around on it like two little puppies. We wrapped them in it like a colourful caterpillar and flung them on the bed. They were shrieking with glee and high excitement!

Today has been a good and bad day in a way. Good, this morning because I had a Alexander Technique session with a wonderful practitioner, and I am now able to play my violin for longer stretches of time without pain, ( YAY) but horribly bad this afternoon when I had to see the dentist about my root canal work. He is going to fix ONE tooth with root canal treatment in December ( at a cost of $1765.00) and the other tooth abscess that I hoped he would fix, well he says he is not able to, and wants me to have the tooth out next week with my own dentist.....aargh. He has given me more antibiotics to get me through the weekend.
All my life I have had horrendous treatment with my teeth, and I sometimes wonder if I should have them all removed, but that thought doesn't hang around for long. Oh dear, I am not good with pain.

Last night I did manage to knit the last few rows on my Wicked Sweater, and NO sewing up thanks to this great pattern by the zephyr style girls. This was a fairly quick knit using the lovely Colinette Jitterbug wool that I bought in I Knit London.

Now that is out of the way I want to get cracking on the wrap around top that I am making for Melissa. It is also in 4 ply and is taking me a little while because of the lace design.

If you want to check out the pattern it is here in It is called Arisaig and I am knitting it in the same wool that the designer used.
I am going to be firm with myself and not start anything new in knitting until I have finished this. I still have the fronts and the sleeves AND the tie to do!



Looks good Sally!

Brenda said...

Love the quilt, it is so happy. I am sure that your sweet little granddaughter will love it too. What parts did you quilt. I am making a striped quilt form recycled Hawaiian shirts for a special single guy friend. I want the beautiful fabrics to be the focus, not sure, but am thinking I should make the quilting simple and basic.

Meg said...

I have a toothache too, Sally Anne. Commiserations . . . (Is that a word?)

caireen said...

I really like your 'wicked' sweater, and Arisaig - one of my favourite places in Scotland - white beaches, machair overlooking islands of Eigg, Rhum, Muck! Think of them as you knit!! ps you make/finish things at a prolific rate!Cx

Kimberlee + Lies said...

wow, you are always creating!

I fully give you permission to watch dvds or curl up with a book until you have your tooth out:)

lovely knit top, and the one you are making for melissa looks very intricate. the pattern of diamond is pretty and reminds me of glinting silver fish scales:)


Libby said...

I look forward to seeing the Arisaig finished, I've got that in my knit que as well. at the moment I am knitting 'Lucky' from stitch'n'bitch nation, it's a lace wrap in 4ply too and pretty slow going as well, inbetween I'm knitting prem baby hats and a few other little things. Gorgeous quilt too, my mum is making my son one at the moment, can't wait!