Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Laid Up

Having lived as a dairy farmer's wife for many, many years, I have often heard some strange and funny expressions, that I have supposed to be strictly for the farmers.
When recovering from the flu, or any other ailment that might have you scurrying to your bed, then a phone call from a friendly neighbour with the words.." so how long are you going to be laid up?" would invariably send me into fits of giggles, as I would have a mental image of being tied to the bed as if in bondage!

Anyway the last few days I have been " laid up" after having had a nasty tooth extraction on Monday afternoon.........urrrgh.I won't give you the gory details suffice to say I hope like mad I never have to have another tooth pulled( "pulled" being the gentle word to use, rather than wrenched and crunched and extracted in fragments).

Today I haven't felt like doing any of my normal chores and have spent some quiet time making this, after I had read Melissa's post this morning.

I like to make a different Christmas decoration each year and this little bird will be perfect and good to go with a gift of Christmas shortbread or truffles, though having just been given a lovely recipe for biscotti with delicious fruits and nuts, I might make that this year instead.

When I was in Wellington on Saturday I had the opportunity to visit NZ Quilter in Kilbirnie, it was just a walk away from the wonderful Maranui Cafe and I was only there for a few minutes (because they were about to close) but managed to find the latest Kumiko Sudo book "Wagashi".

It is filled with beautiful handsewn gifts to make like these. The folded fabric balls have little bells inside, and most of the gifts only take an evening or a couple of hours to make from start to finish.
I have all of Kumiko's books and I am mad about her work. Her books are full of treasures that I want to make and the fabrics she uses are delicious.


Kate said...

ouch, I can so relate to the tooth pulling incident. I had three wisdom teeth "pulled" at the end of last year. It was so hard. The first extraction went well but the last one was really painful and infected. Ewwwwww! It left me feeling a little under the weather. Sending you lots of well wishes - I hope you heal fast quickly.

caireen said...

those are gorgeous little fabric balls.. and would also make good xmas decs do you think? thanks for introducing me to Kumiko Sudo - I love stuff like that! Your little bird is gorgeous and i like the colours - more springy. I will be v. interested to observe how all the xmas crafts go in NZ/Australia, as of course so different seasonally to here. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery from all your tooth work, thinking healing thoughts. Cx

Brenda said...

Sending you wishes for a speedy recovery. I love the bird and the fabric balls. I will look up the artist you mentioned. Living in Canada, I have not heard of her, but love what I see.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

hope you are feeling better soon, that sounds like nasty business.

minnesotan's use the expression "laid up" as well :) so its not just dairy farmers


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Now I'm confused. "NZ Quilter in Kelburn, it was just a walk away from the wonderful Maranui Cafe"

From memory Kelburn and Lyall Bay are on the opposite sides of town. Or has there been an earthquake I wasn't told of that rearranged Wellington geography just a tad? ;-)

Alexander said...

I have a felling she meant Kilbirnie not Kelburn !!!!

Sally Anne said...

Yes, I am sorry for the confusion, I certainly did mean Kilbirnie, and I have now left a link to the NZ Quilter bookshop.It is located 4Bay Road, Kilbirnie and the phone number is 04 9343424.
You could have a coffee at Maranui and then go check it out!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Sally-Anne

Of course I thought of that after I went to bed last night. Duh!

Kilbirnie also has some pretty decent op shops - well they were when I was last there :-)