Monday, November 5, 2007

Finished the Quilt

It feels so good to finish this and tick another WIP off the list. I hope K will love sleeping under this and make herself a cosy little nest whenever she needs some refreshing.
We could all do with a cosy quilt or blanket to snuggle under at times. I felt like staying under my quilt this morning, I have the beginnings of another tooth abscess and I won't be seeing the specialist until Wednesday.Then on Friday I am off to Wellington to see youngest son's exhibition. He has just completed 4 years at university and Friday is a big, big, day. My tooth had better hold out. Thankfully I have Nurofen!

When I feel like staying in bed, this little friend keeps bothering me until I am up and in the shower.

I made Billie a little quilt of his own. He has grown rather attatched to it, I must say.


melissa said...

ooh, mum it's beautiful! i can't wait to see it in person. k will love it so much.
hope your tooth feels better soon- crank the nurofen xx

Claudia said...

Sally-Anne, what lucky grandchildren you have. First Arlo's beautiful cardigan, now a heavenly quilt for Keira. It is really beautiful- I am sure she will love it.


Its amazing!

Meg said...

Magnificent quilt, Sally Anne. The picture could be in a magazine. Billy is a cute little fellow.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Get well soon :)
You've very creative and talented children!
The quilt is awesome, lucky K.

X Lies

caireen said...

Hi Sally-Anne - that quilt is SO gorgeous, and I love that you photo-ed it outside. What a lovely heirloom!
Hope you are having lovely sunny days in NZ. Cx

Alexander said...

The quilt looks amazing !!!
I love the bright colours!
Cant wait to see you on friday !!
Have a safe flight
c u at 3

blackie said...

beautiful beautiful beautiful quilt! I am inspired to start work on another right now

Katie said...

Oh what a beautiful quilt! I slid over here from Tiny Happy, whose blog I just discovered as well. Love love love the brightness and the patterny goodness of the fabrics and love the Fassett pattern . . . I'm browsing his latest book right now and filling my head with color. A joy to see your quilt.

magikquilter said...

Love the quilt. I knitted it in a throw in the eighties. It looks so different in fabrics.