Saturday, November 3, 2007

Silver Needlecase

When I peeped into my postbox this morning I certainly wasn't expecting to be surprised by this ....... A beautiful siver needlecase was sent to me all the way from Portugal from Zelia. I have five very tiny gold tipped quilting needles that I shall put into this needlecase, thank you so much Ze. I will always treasure it!

I have a weekend on my own so I thought I would spend the time catching up on some of the weeds in the garden and this:I am enjoying working on this quilt for Keira.The colours are bright and cheerful and also reflect Keira's personality to some extent.The zig zag blocks I added are randomly placed, it is totally unstructured and the eye is not quite sure what will come next. Keira is usually bright and cheerful, incredibly sweet and cute, but sometimes ...whoosh...a tiny mood change...and one is not quite sure what will happen next!

I have placed a brown border with crystanthumums . This design is a Kaffe Fassett and the fabrics are from his range too.


kimberlee & Lies said...

Oh Sally Anne! What a beautiful and colorful quilt, very original fabric combinations! I like those Kaffe Fasser quarters so! I very much enjoyed also (sorry was catching up from a week of no blog) the Durer post. He lived in antwerp, my original nest, for a while. There is still the original house!
X Lies


Sally, i am so glad you liked it:)

And the quilt is looking awesome! I just adore the bright colors!

Meg said...

Hi Sally Anne, You've changed the look of your blog, I like it. The pictures really show up nicely. What a darling needlecase, I have never seen one before. You are a regular Renaissance lady who can do anything, knit, weave, quilt, sew . . . you are amazing. Dolly Hugs!