Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Big Bowl of Cherries

"Life is a bowl of cherries", so they say.

I felt like eating some cherries today but I might curb my natural instinct of making a pig of myself over them. There has been a nasty tummy bug in this household all week, and I have managed to steer clear of it so far. My DH has been very miserable and "not like himself".

Another big thing that has happened is our computer also became ill and needed major surgery, in fact I would go so far as to say that it ended up with several transplants. Things taken out and put back in a different order, the worst of which is my email history and address book which has gone,gone GONE, never to be retrieved again.
A clean sweep!
Oh well, cest la vie.

Once I got over the drama of it all and faced the withdrawal symptoms of several days without a PC, I actually found it quite liberating, and am now contemplating a computer-free day once a week....maybe.......hmm perhaps not.

I managed to finish these for the Creative Fibre Stall on Friday. I really don't know why one vest turned out bigger than the other.

I think I am a little addicted to the cyberspace and all the info at one's fingertips, not to mention important communication with one's loved ones on the other side of the world.


Anonymous said...

Sally I was wondering what had happened to you. Did you get the email about the comment thing? Chris just said that if you had a gmail account there is always a record of the emails in cyberspace somewhere.
Hope you stay free of the tummy bug.

caireen said...

those tops are so cute... how annoying when the computer goes wrong... thank goodness the blog isn't stored on the hardware, eh? lots love Cx

Melissa said...

i love those vests! both so cute, ready to keep a little hippy nelson baby warm. :)


thõse cherries look delicious:)