Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year and a new beginning in Norway

My New Year's day started early this morning.We were at the airport bright and early to see our eldest daughter Melissa (tinyhappy) and her family off on their first part of the long journey to Norway. This day has been building up for weeks but they went off with smiles and only a few shiny tears, and we know this is going to be a wonderful adventure for them all and for us when we visit them later on this year!

Safe travels Melissa and Tom, Arlo and Keira.

Haere ra whanau aroha nui !

I will play some of Greig's music tonight and think of you all, and imagine the landscape that you will soon be living in.


Kielz said...

I am so glad to see that they got off okay - came here specifically to check if you wrote anything. Thank you for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

So glad to see that they got off okay. I look forward to hearing about their experience. I am sure that it is a mixed blessing as a mom. I wish you all well this new year.

caireen said...

ah! have been thinking of you all, and feeling the mixed emotions! what a start to the new year, but how exciting! wishing you a very happy 2008 and everything to look forward to!x

Alicia said...

Thank you for sharing...I was thinking about Melissa's trip and I'm happy to read everything is going fine.Happy 2008!

Anonymous said...

Melissa looks very excited and I see she's wearing a skirt I saw on her blog.....her "wish I could wear it everyday skirt" I think it was!
What fun for you to visit later this year. I have met a lot of interesting Norwegian knitters on various blogs.

Happy New Year.