Friday, January 25, 2008

Pleasures abound when Treasures are found

I have taken on the task of visiting local recycling centres and used clothing places to hunt out fabrics for Melissa. I have had a" rummaging around outing" twice this week already, and I am sorry to say that no barkcloth, or vintage fabrics, no delicate little embroideries for Melissa's baby shoes could I find.

However I thought I would share these treasures. When my eye spied these and I handed over a few dollars for their purchase, I have to say I sang very loudly in the car on the way home!

This is Royal Winton, and before you all gasp with amazement, it does have a small hairline crack running from one side into the middle. Nevertheless at $5.00 I couldn't believe my good fortune. I adore the colour of this piece. It doesn't show so well in the photo, but it is actually a beautiful turquoise shade.

Then more browsing around and I found an old pile of music with these treasures

This fits in very nicely with one of my New Year spend a little time each week playing my piano before I lose the skill completely. Years ago it was a pleasure that I indulged in daily, but the violin superseded that, so I plan on reclaiming some time.

This dear little pink botttle found it's way home with me, and the rose is Aotearoa.

It seems a little mean to show this next pic. I am sorry Melissa, I know you are missing a feast of these at the moment, but I wanted you to see your green bowl and I thought the colours together were great!


pebbledash said...

What a beautiful collection of goodies, Love the Royal Winton, such a gorgeous colour. Dx

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike.......I found some Liberty shirts that I am cutting up and have found a placemat for her with 2 different floral bits x2 and some great books for me!!!!!!!
Actually did a blog post about it.

Anonymous said...

that wee pink bottle is just so cute - it looks lovely with the rose in it. Kate/

Mexanese said...

from a glass & pottery collector! I say they are wonderful and I would have bought it too crack and all. Parts of my poor collection are glued back together from being shipped to us when we lived in Arizona. I just can't let some of it go. ha ha good scores!!!