Thursday, January 3, 2008

Splashing about

I had my first swim of the year today and it was very refreshing and just what I needed to do on a hot windy afternoon.

My eldest son manages a big dairy farm about an hour and a half from where we live, and he and his little family live in a beautiful farmhouse with a verandah all the way around and climbing roses on every they have a swimming pool!

Splashing about in the pool with the little ones shrieking with glee , smelling the farm smells and listening to the bird calls in the trees surrounding the property was bliss, and to think that I very nearly didn't go because I wanted to work on this:

I started this late on New Year's Day. I was thinking about Melissa and her family and wanted to do something that didn't require me to engage my head, just my hands. So I mindlessly cut lots of squares from fabric I have had in my stash for a while, and kept cutting and sorting and cutting and sorting until I had covered the spare bed ( so recently vacated ) in squares of aqua, blue and green.

I am still not wholly satisfied that the squares are in their rightful places, I might need to play some more.


kimberlee & Lies said...

Dear Sally : splashing about with little squares of lovely fabrics seems such soft and soothing therapy.
All the best for you and your (wonderfully large)family this year. I keep forgetting to say that I so love the little picture of the tiny hand on crafted goodness in your blog. So there now you know, I think it's very dear.
Arohanui, Lies

Anonymous said...

I love the fabrics you are working with. I know what you mean about getting them just right. I am contemplating my next piece. I have so many ideas. I was thinking of trying something smaller to use up some scraps.
Swimming in a pool sounds wonderful. We are surrounded in snow.
Take care,

pebbledash said...

Happy New Year Sally Anne! Looks like another beautiful quilt on the make. Oh, such lovely colours! Am I the last person to cotton on that Melissa is your daughter?!How beautifully you sent her and her family on their way - and you have the excitement of a trip to plan and new country to visit. Happy days, Diana x


well, i love it!

caireen said...

I love the colours and tones of this patchwork. Your splashing about sounds envious, we are splashing about here in rain and snow! have a lovely time! Cx