Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blackbird Watching and Listening

Our dishwasher is broken. It started emitting strange sounds last week, but unlike the computer which also decided to give up the ghost at the same time, I have been very slow at having it fixed.

With my hands in the kitchen sink, I can gaze out the window and wonder about the activities of these two.
I have been watching them avidly in the past week and I am very puzzled about their nesting abilities. In fact I am even wondering if they have a nest together. I have caught them squabbling over a worm on the lawn, both pulling it at the same time and the male getting away with the larger half. They spend their days perched on our ancient and gnarled lemon tree. Ian has been threatening to chop it down for ages, but I always manage to prevent him with ramblings about his Mum and her lemon meringue pies. A little bit of nostalgia wins every time.

There is a communal nest that has been used for several years now by some sparrows

at the top of the tree, but they inhabit a different world entirely from the blackbirds and don't hang out together.

Yesterday evening I watched them as night fell. I thought I would see them swooping down low into a nearby bush or the stand of bamboo, but no, they remained perched on the same tree, occasionally flying down to the lawn below for a last snack.

So, I am left still wondering, are they a couple? Do they have a nest ? Are there any eggs or little ones? I have yet to find out.

Rachel Unthank and The Winterset ..

We are just a break in the waves We are just a feather in the storm Windward or taken by the tide To places we call home
I know why the blackbird sings A song so pure that comes from his heart He sings for his love who won’t come back He sings because he is sad.


Heart in the country said...

What lovely pictures, with such beauties to watch I bet you did the washing up without even realising it!


caireen said...

think I've said before, blackbirds are one of my favourites. We had a young female in the garden at the weekend - she was quite agressively gobbling down Robin's food without a by-your-leave! I do love it at this time of winter here, they come in to the garden! Cxx

vanessa said...

They melt my heart.................... I love your bird story............... the drama with the worm, the flitting about......................... if chicks did make an appearance, wouldn't it be wonderful!

Sandra said...

Your kitchen window view is just beautiful.