Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Party Trick

Today dawned bright and sunny, I donned my gardening boots and went out to greet my garden,
but look what I found,

Very mysteriously some selected roses seem to have acquired some different petals overnight. Hmm, strange happenings in the rose bed.

Yesterday it rained throughout the entire birthday celebration. We managed to squeeze forty people into the kitchen and dining room and that was including Mum and her wheelchair.

But the whole event was fantastic, everyone had a good time and my Mum was definitely the star of the day!

After everyone had left, the sun came out briefly and I was able to get a couple of shots of Tristan in his Cobblestone Pullover.

It fits perfectly and he loves it, what more could I ask for ??

Now, back to the mystery of the roses ......I think a certain little six year old fairy might have been waving her magic wand yesterday during the birthday. When no-one was watching, this wee fairy could have been tiptoeing around in the rain working her magic.

I shall pick these unusual roses and take them to my Mum today. Roses are her favorite flower.


Heart in the country said...

So glad the party went ok, and that the weather didn't spoil it...I thought it was just us in the uk who had to plan for downpours anytime we arranged anything :0)
The jumper looks great, and really comfy which is what counts.
Can you ask your fairy to visit my garden, it is looking a bit bare at the moment and could do with some fairy magic!?

pebbledash said...

So glad you had a lovely time, despite the rain! Eveyone deserves a party when they reach 80. Happy birthday, Sally Anne's Mum!
Love the jumper, too.
D x

vanessa said...

You have a lovely looking family Sally Anne.................... such a sweet fairy................. When I saw the photos of the flowers I did a double take, because tomorrow I've got a similar theme going on my blog!

vanessa said...

I forgot to say in the comment I just left............... very nice jumper!

hanna said...

ha, love the flowers! and the jersey.