Saturday, November 8, 2008


The other day I took my Mum to see youngatheart...a film/doc about a group of elderly people all getting together each week to sing contemporary music and performing as a chorus, touring and giving concerts. We were shown little glimpses of their daily lives, their struggles with health issues and general wear and tear of old age. Their joy in living and singing and learning new songs ( some very different to what they are used in rock and rap ) was deeply moving and inspiring.

I now have a renewed love for Coldplay, I have always enjoyed their music but hearing this favourite Fix You by Fred Knittle, complete with the sound of his oxygen tank providing a steady beat had me awash in tears.

Some beautiful handpainted 4ply wool arrived in my letterbox the other day and I have decided to knit a spring cardigan.

This isn't it's true is much greener than this in reality.

I have to include a photo of this wee sweetie ...Tristan and Sylvia's baby...just arrived on the plane today.

I can't wait to babysit ...that is if Sylvia can bear to part with her.


sewfunky said...

the puppy is GORGEOUS!!! I can see why Sylvia might not want to let it go! ;)

pebbledash said...

Tears falling into my tea here! Thanks for that link. Gorgeous vibrant colours for your cardigan. And as for the puppy, SO cute, no wonder you want to babysit!
D x