Friday, November 7, 2008

New Things

We have been without a computer for most of the week and, phew, we are online again with a brand new laptop. I have missed my daily fix of blog reading and have been fretting about my lack of posts and all the emails to catch up on.
Thinking about technology changes, and the speed of changes and how that has impacted our daily lives, I certainly wouldn't like to go back 15 years, but I wonder sometimes about living more simply.

amongst the flowers.

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Heart in the country said...

Hi Sally Anne

I totally agree with you about the speed of change, and I too am trying to live much more simply...and trying to persuade the OH and boys to as well! But my view of living simply is trying to reduce our impact on the environment, and our reliance of on others. I haven't even considered going back completely to how things were, justing taking tips from our Mothers and Grandmothers times to help me achieve the above, although if I need to use my tumble dryer etc I will, I just think carefully about other options first.

Lovely flowers by the way.