Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Pineapple Potion

I have a pain in my lower back.
I think I have over done the carrying of mulch, in many bucket loads, onto the vegetable garden at the weekend. I am finding it to be a "blimming nuisance" in more ways than one.
Uncle Allan came to have dinner with us last night. Because he is 86 yrs old, as you might imagine, having lived and experienced many years, he is a fount of all knowledge, ahem......

Yesterday, as he sat in the easy chair relaxing whilst blowing on his hot cup of tea, he said
" Do you know how to cure a bad back ? " as he watched me move stiffly to lower a dish of lasagne into the oven.( made especially for him I might's his favourite, but unfortunately I haven't got the skills his Italian late wife Mary had..her lasagne was ....lips and finger smacking .... Bellissimo !)
"Uuumm, maybe a long walk would loosen things up a bit" I replied.
" Nope, pineapple is the cure. Just take a couple of pieces of fresh pineapple, and your back will be as good as new", he said, his head nodding emphatically.

Uncle Allan is awaiting the arrival of a book ( I think it's coming from the Reader's Digest) that has a food remedy for every illness known to mankind, and a few others as well. He informs me that it is written by a "proper" Doctor and as soon as he has ingested all the information from it, and has eaten the yummy food the book will recommend, he is planning on taking himself off his heart pills.

I must say that I did feel a teeny wee bit sceptical about the pineapple cure. Some of Allan's other health DIY claims haven't always worked for me. Like the putting a cake of soap in the bottom of the bed to cure restless legs...that works for him every time, apparently. My legs were still extremely restless.... I had thought another very long walk might do the trick.

But what did I find on the label of the pineapple that I bought today ?

There you see, Uncle Allan was right all along....Joints...back pain !!

Now , maybe if I change the brand of soap...hmm ..that could work.


Taryn said...

That's funny because my grandmother claims the soap cure works too! I had to hold in the laughter when she reccommended it for me to try. She said her doctor told her about it- her doctor!

speckled egg said...

Hope your back feels better soon. I must try that pineapple one, I get a really sore shoulder from breastfeeding and typing at the same time!

pebbledash said...

Oh this made me chuckle! Hope your back is easing now. Pineapple contains bromelain which is an anti-inflammatory, and is good for joints....though dare I say it, but the odd slice won't be enough! Fresh pineapple juice is good....

Heart in the country said...

Sorry you aren't felling 100% Sally Anne. The old wives remedies often do have a basis.....if not I can recommend a good Chiropractor, though I expect the 27 hour flight to gt to him might do you more harm than good. Seriously, I was very sceptical, but the chiropractor was recommended by my GP and cured by back (injured in a fall) in 2 sessions.


Lies said...

Oh bless your uncle... And you, making him lasagna with a painful back! Hope it gets better soon. I love these lovely stories about your family members!

vanessa said...

I do hope it cures your back pain..................... I'm going to try that remedy............. what a great tip............... you learn a new thing every day in blog land!