Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have a favourite place that I go to quite frequently, by the seashore.
There are many treasures to be discovered and in many years of going to the same little stretch of beach, I am never disappointed in what I find there.

A swing suspended from a native Beech tree, that takes you out over the sea and leaves you feeling deliciously giddy.

Succulents on the sandy pathway,

Precious "gemstones".
When I was ten years old, I used to collect these from this same beach and have them polished at a little shop in town, they made lovely presents for my friends. They became our "lucky stones" and were very handy for swapping or even using for the knucklebones game.

This old boatshed has seen better days but weathered many storms, and will more to come, I am sure.
This is my beach blackbird, he followed me all over the garden as I worked and was completely undeterred by Billie and Basil, who gave up barking at him after a while, and just watched his business with interest.

He is probably my favourite treasure there.


Heart in the country said...

Lovely pictures, I'm sure the boat house could tell some stories and what wonderfully shaped driftwood.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the bay. Hope ur having a lovely time mum!

speckled egg said...

What a lovely post. The pictures are beautiful.