Thursday, October 18, 2007

A New Blankie

Today was a very good day.
Mum had her plaster removed and her elbow is looking pretty good.

We took her to a posh restaurant for lunch then the supermarket (her favorite place) and then the hairdresser's (next favorite) for a new hairdo. She was very happy and I was relieved that all was well with her arm.

Last night after Eve had gone home to her own little bed, I wove the last few inches on this and with a flourish snipped it off the loom, because I was too impatient to untie it carefully. Here it is....drum rolls please......

My first attempt at Double can just make out the fold in the middle of the fabric, hopefully after the fibres have settled this line won't be noticeable.

This blanket / throw is for my youngest daughter Sarah, to keep her warm and cosy and "close to home" when she is living in another city and far from home comforts.

When I finished this for her I was reminded of her first "blankie". Here he is Sarah, I haven't washed him so he still has the unique blankie smell..

The next "blankie" will be for No 2 son Alexander. He graduates from uni this year and has work lined up straight away...yay Zander!



Oh my... i am speachless:)

Kimberlee + Lies said...

what a beautiful gift


Meg said...

This is an heirloom, how wonderful!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Beautiful weaving!

And congrats to your son... I just finished too but am yet to find employment. Darn useless degree.

Hope your Mum is feeling better with the arm and your tooth isn't troubling you. :)

Alexander said...

Thanks mum !!!!
I cant wait to get mine !

Will definitely need one when im in New Plymouth !!