Monday, October 1, 2007

Sewn up and ready to post

It feels so good to finish something for someone special.

I bought several balls of sirdar Peru ( Alpaca wool) the weekend before I left the UK, with all good intentions of knitting it as soon as I got home . It is a jersey for my Uncle Tim and he definitely needs it NOW with the winter days fast approaching. So I am sorry this is a few weeks later than intended Tim, hope it keeps you snug and warm on your walks to the village.

We have had two days of heavy rain, and a trip to the library helps to chase away the blues.


Daylight Saving started here yesterday, and the only time I read is when I go to bed at night. I can see some late nights coming up with this little lot.....pretty enticing don't you think?

Tonight my patchwork friends are coming over to sew, knit, quilt , chat and eat of course. I shall make this for supper

Those white blobs you can see in the picture is white chocolate, unfortunately Ian has found my supply of white chocolate melts and has eaten them all, so it will just be raspberry shortcake....umm, hope I've got enough raspberries.


Jen said...

the jumper is lovely

i love reading too
you got some interesting books

have a nice evening

caireen said...

Yum! that sounds like fun!


Oh, i love the jumper... and i bet that tastes good:) I wish i could have a sewing sircle myself... i must be tons of great laughs!

much love