Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sweet and Small

It is amazing what you can get away with, when you are sweet and small and only two.

My little Eve (grandaughter) is staying with us and I find her an endless source of inspiration .

She decided to play with these today
I had these in a little stack put away, another uncompleted project, but Eve discovered them and inspired me to find some cotton, my crochet hook and make a few more.
This is the pattern from a book by Erika Knight "Essential Crochet"

An afghan, throw, blanket or anything you like really. It is a bit like Grandmother's Flower Garden because it is made of hexagons.

Some more little things for little hands

Some pretty glass stones in a treasure box

and these two friends Eve found on my window sill

She found this finger puppet very funny, and chased Basil and Billie all over the kitchen calling "moo moo".Cows are her favorite animal and "cow"was her first word. She lives on a dairy farm with lots of cows .


jen said...

I LOVE that doll
looks like Eve had fun

I like the hexagons too

and the 2 friends

and one day when I finally go out teaching I may ask you to make me some of those farm animals finger puppets

Meg said...

I came for a visit and couldn't leave without saying that the doll is lovely. Nice that you are enjoying your little Eve so much.

kimberlee & Lies said...

Oh what a sweet post! Those little pixie-hands eh... You are such a busy crafty bee, even with a two year old skipping around!
You're a very lovely addition to our little blogland and it's so refreshing to read about all those generations in your creative family!
X from Lies

caireen said...

I love those crocheted hexagons!! just bought a crochet book recently and aspire to doing something like that... I'm still learning to do dc without losing half my stitches..something like that looks a long way off!
Yes it would make a great throw, and leave the edge ziggy zaggy! XX

Kimberlee + Lies said...

children are so inspiring! I am glad she got you going on that throw again because it is really beautiful. I love crochet blankets!


Brenda said...

I love the doll. Did you make it? The hexagons are very nice. I have seen so many granny squares, but these are a very nice alternative. I have always enjoyed knitting, yet have had problems with crochet. I know the separate stitches, yet have more difficulty reading and understanding the patterns. Our two 20 somethings have just left home. I wonder if I will be a grandma one day. You sound like a good one.
Brenda in Canada

Brenda said...

Beautiful.. I love the doll and the crocheted hexagons. I am a knitter but would love to try crochet. I learned the stitches, but have not had a lot of success following a pattern. You look like an awesome grandma.


looks like you had some quality time there:)

Alexander said...

hahah eve cracks me up - i can just imagine her running around the farm house (=