Monday, October 29, 2007

In a spin

This funny looking contraption is my new warping frame. I bought it a few weeks ago from an elderly lady who was disposing of the last of her weaving things and moving house. It was made in the seventies (as was my loom) by the same firm....Mecchia looms. One rainy day recently, Ian and I put it together, and we managed to do it miraculously without throwing screwdrivers at each other! Our instruction sheet was missing most of the relevant info. and it was a bit of a nightmare trying to see what fitted and where. I am still not sure if we got it right. Anyway here I am today, spinning this thing and enjoying the feel of the wool in my hands. It is called a warping mill, because it turns and spins around.
There is my trusty weaving manual on the chair beside it, as most of the time I am still not sure what I am doing and if I am doing it properly!

It was such a beautiful day I decided to do it outside by the garage, these little friends were busy clucking at me and telling me about their day,

and very soon I became a little weary of counting threads, and the back of my neck was becoming very hot. Time for a tea break in the shade with Bailey the cat.
Enjoying the moment I looked beside me and saw this
and thought to myself that the colours were very close to the colours of the wool I was spinning around.


caireen said...

Awww...sweet cat!cx

Meg said...

Weaving is fascinating . . . and complicated! Lovely post, enjoyed the pictures



Kimberlee + Lies said...

cute cat and very well done putting that thing together!


Gillybean said...

Hi Sally Anne the colours of that wool are delicious! Did you spin or ply the the boucle into it?