Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spring is busting out all over!

I took a wander around my garden this morning with a camera in my hand , instead of a trowel and a weeding bucket. Thought I would give you a visual treat, sorry that I can't add the scent as well. Blossoms abound!

Look what I found growing amongst my Migonette.......a weedy old dandelion, but it looked so pretty I left it there.

These are blossoms of a different kind. I am using these Touch yarns for Alexander's blanket. I hope to start warping the loom this week if all goes well. Another Double Weave blanket. This time I shall get the width right!

I am feasting on all these wonderful Spring colours. My garden is like a Symphony at the moment. Summer can wait, I LOVE the Springtime.


caireen said...

thank you for sharing your springtime garden! photos no.2 and 5 are my favourites - the yellow flowers just look like they are stretching up to that sun! we have some sunshine here today, so feeling a bit like that too! happy days 2u. cx

melissa said...

nice flowers mum- looking forward to coming out and smelling them in real life! x

Kimberlee + Lies said...

those look amazing. NZ is like the garden of eden:)


Alexander said...

Looks so beautiful there at the moment !!!! cant wait to get home and see everything !!