Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wonderful, Wild and Wicked

The last few days have been rather wild and wicked, wet and rather wacky too.

My trip to Christchurch with two of my patchwork friends was a very memorable time. We packed so much into those three days that the time seemed to go in slow motion.

We drove down in torrential rain, but still made good time and we enjoyed a lovely Thai meal that evening. The food was so beautiful that I had to take a picture

That evening we also went to The Art Centre to see the Art Festival film Golden Door A wonderful film set in 1904, with some impoverished Italians leaving Sicily and emigrating to America.

The next day was spent in the Malls trying on clothes and shoes.This was a brand new experience for me as I have always found shopping for clothes rather boring and tedious.I have disliked the image revealed to me in the tiny dressing rooms, and have never shopped with other friends as a fun activity before.

However, I really got into the feel of it and had such a great time that I can't wait to do it again...bring it on I say!! Of course, my company had a lot to do with it. My two friends are sisters and I must say I certainly felt like their sister thank you J and M.

That evening we had a very special meal at Rotherhams of Riccarton. The meals and the service here were superb, and it certainly was a night to remember.

The next day...more shopping, a pot of tea and some sweets to share

We had lots of tea drinking episodes whilst we were away, this has to be one of my favorite occupations!

The whole time we were away I was subject to a nagging pain in one of my teeth, but I didn't put voice to what I thought was happening. After a sleepless night on Friday, I knew without a doubt that I had a raging tooth abscess. So yesterday afternon I visited the emergency dentist on call for the weekend, and she confirmed my diagnosis and opened it up, filled it with a dressing and sent me home with lots of painkillers and antibiotics.

This is my 4th tooth abscess and each time it means I have to undergo root canal work and then a crown to protect the tooth . Aargh, an expensive time and lots of hours in the dentist chair!

Yesterday I couldn't eat anything and had to watch my Mum tucking in to Vogel toast with cheese and advocado, munching away she said..."never mind darling, this time next week you'll be feeling much better, have you any more apricot chutney?"

But there has been some progress made on the knitting projects, check these out

Things are growing along quite nicely.



Oh... this yarn and swaeter look great!

Meg said...

Wild, wicked, wet and wacky? Sally you are a poet! Sounds like a wonderful weekend, minus the toothache. Your knitting is brilliant, love it.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

sounds like you had a lovely time away. I love the photos of the tea cups:)

rest up and get better soon, vogels awaits!