Monday, October 8, 2007

Splashing About

We have had a watery weekend. Thunder and lightning and lots of sudden downpours kept us inside playing snakes and ladders and the memory game with two granddaughters who were spending the weekend with us, but we did manage to splash our way through a few puddles outside as well. We took them and two of their cousins to see Surf's Up on Friday, and there was lots of watery action and excitement in this movie. It was great fun!

At home we had a very happy two year old playing with water in the bathroom

and her big sister doing watery picturesThis is a very attractive mermaid, just in case you couldn't see that already !In the afternoon we had a quick visit to the shops for much needed supplies and I collected my latest copy of the Interweave Knits. This Fall 2007 has been out for a few weeks because today I read this blog and saw this jumper already knitted and finished.

There were some beautiful knitted projects with cables that I would love to do, but first I have to finish a few things. I resurrected this top that I started two years ago, I shall finish this maybe in time for Christmas, for a very special recipient.

and this is going to to be a good project for travelling in the car. A cardigan knitted in Noro Silk Garden

I am heading off to Christchurch on Wednesday and if I don't have to do my share of the driving then I could get several hours of knitting completed..yay


Jen said...

My nearly 2 year old has discovered the dishing washing water fun

what a beautiful mermaid

safe travels on Wednesday

melissa said...

ooh, i love that cardy in noro silk garden. where is the pattern from? i bet the girls had fun over the weekend!


Sounds like you had a great time:)
I went off for the weekend, but haven't posted yet... but i showed off my loom, if you want to take a look!

caireen said...

that is a nice blog... I'm not a 'knitter' but the scarves...hmmm.... looks like you had a lovely wknd. think I might go and play in the sink now, it looks such fun!! cx

Kimberlee + Lies said...

what a wonderful rainy weekend. I LOVE that mermaid drawing, what a talented artist.


Jen said...

I wanted to bless you
as you have me
by visiting my blog

theres something on there for you

Meg said...

The sink was utterly fascinating to my granddaughter Diandra when she was two, now she's sweet sixteen. Oh dear, where does the time go?