Saturday, July 5, 2008

Arriving in Split

I am sitting in the Laundramatt here in Split waiting for a load of washing to finish its cycle...ha domestic life goes on as usual, even in such an exotic location such as this.
The temperature outside is 38 they tell is certainly extremely hot and we are staying in a little apartment right in the middle of the old air conditioning, but we do have fans.
Our three flights here from Sandefjord yesterday were ghastly. We were flying from Amsterdam with Croatian Airlines and when we arrived at the transfer desk with Arlo and Keira after a long wait in the queue, we were told that it would be unlikely that we would be able to fly because we did not have written permission from their parents...Melissa and Tom. We hurriedly had to phone them both in Norway and they had to do a speedy trip to the school to send a fax with their signatures to the airline in Amsterdam....all while we were waiting. It took a while for the fax to be received and processed but after a mad dash and several queues later..phew we were on the plane with our two precious grandchildren, having been suspected of child trafficking!!!The next flight from Zagreb was delayed an hour and we were all feeling rather the worse for wear, especially Keira and I. We have a nasty head cold and a chesty cough.
I am unable to download any photos on this post..the computer here in the laundry doesn,t have that facilty, but as soon as I am able I will do so.This city reminds us so much of places we have been to in Italy, it is very beautiful with lots of artifacts and many little alleyways crammed each side with boutique shops for the thousands of tourists. We have all been sampling the icecreams, and they are the most creamiest and full of fresh fruits and other goodies, that I have ever tasted.
We have seen a huge fish market..lots of different sized fish packed in boxes with ice..lots of haggling going on there with the locals.
I will try and post again soon ...with photos of this amazing place.

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