Thursday, July 24, 2008

South West England

We are slowly making our way around to various friends and family members, and have been enjoying some beautiful hot sunny days as well.
After Brenchley on Sunday morning, we made our way down to Bexhill on Sea, nr Hastings to visit our friends Jenny and Don, George and Fred. Had a lovely lunch and afternoon with them and then drove down to Worthing to stay the night in a cute little B and B.
Monday morning saw us drive down to Portsmouth in one gigantic traffic queue, we crawled our way to this lovely city in time to catch the ferry to the Isle of Wight. Our destination was the famous Carisbrooke Castle, holiday home of Queen Victoria and favorite holiday spot of her daughter Princess Beatrice.

Stayed on the Island that night and in the morning left the port of Lymington for the mainland.

Drove for hours and finally reached Weymouth to greet Auntie Joyce and to have a welcome cup of tea.

Now I am up to date, today we have left Weymouth and have reached Shaftsbury here in Dorset, and having a quick blog stop at the local community center, before we make a visit to my Uncle Martin and Christine.


Candyce said...

It looks like you are having wonderful weather and a really nice trip.
From someone enjoying it from the US...

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