Monday, July 7, 2008

The beautiful blue of the Adriatic

This morning we left our Pensione with this balcony view, and took Arlo and Keira along with all our luggage down to the waterfront to catch the ferry from Split to the island of Brac.
Melissa and Tom were speeding down the highway to catch the ferry too, and they just made it in time much to their family's joy. There were big smiles all round and happy squealing from A and K.
One hour later we arrived at the beautiful island of Brac and drove to our villa in Sutarvan where we are all staying for a week.

We took a stroll down here to the beach this afternoon and the water is very clear and warm. I saw lots of little fish swimming around and I can't wait to have a swim tomorrow. The temp. is still in the 30's and we are told that we are in the middle of an unseasonal heat wave. We intend to buy some beach towels tomorrow and hats and sun cream!

Did I mention the ice creams ? They are simply divine and a must have for every day.I shall try to take a photo of all the choices. It is strange that I love them so much as my family will testify I am not usually big on ice cream.

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pebbledash said...

It's like being on holiday too, dropping by here! Glad you're all having a wonderful time, and have found some sunshine. And delicious ice cream! x