Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Castle in Kent

This is Scotney Castle in Kent that we visited the other day, it is quite near to where we are staying and has superb grounds and a very interesting family history.

Yesterday we drove down the Kentish coast to Whitstable, and spent a very enjoyable afternoon browsing the shops and walking on the beach.

I found a little wool shop "Seaside Sadie" where I bought some 2 skeins of lovely Colinette Jitterbug for more socks. Ian had his haircut at the barber shop next door, and we bought some delicious Kent cherries to eat on the drive home.

Today was the day of the Matfield Village Fete, and my Aunt , who lives in the neighbouring village was participating in a W.I Display...the theme being The Madhatter's Teaparty.

Her exhibit won first prize, and here it is:

Tomorrow we are leaving this very dear place, to make our way further down the coast visiting more family and friends. I plan on seeing a few more castles yet !


pebbledash said...

Hello Sally Anne, it's lovely holidaying with you....great photos. Scotney Castle is wonderful, isn't it? Diana x

Melissa said...

congrats to aunty joyce!
i love your pictures of the castle- it looks like an atmospheric place.
we're missing you lots too-- something is definitely missing around here! xx

kimberlee said...

wow so beauitful! what a good photographer you are!

those big old castles are such a novelty to us sine they don't exist here. though there is a pseudo castle' around cambridge NZ that someone has dedicated to 'pamela' in very large colored letters across the font. have you ever seen this?

Stephen said...

Hi Sally, just received your postcard, what a lovely surprise! Nice of you to be thinking of us. It has been very wet, and cold here! But don't feel mean enjoying the summer in the Northern hemisphere!!!
Love your photos and we enjoy reading about your adventures!
Take care, looking forward to seeing you soon,
Jackie and Stephen

Candyce said...

I enjoyed this photos so much. The ones of the castle are just so beautiful--so clear and crisp. I am enjoying following your journey.