Friday, February 15, 2008

A Friendly Tui

Look at this lovely little friend who decided to perch outside the kitchen window at lunchtime, he is perched on Arlo's little bike.

Clare ( Arlo and Keira's other grandmother ) comes on Friday mornings to help me with the garden and we both felt very privileged to see such a happy little fellow so close to us. He was probably a very inquisitive fledgling out and about on his big adventure.
You can hear a tui's song here.

This is Clare and Billie working in the garden. We have just received some much needed rain, and the plants soak up Clare's loving attention, as does Billie.

My first sewn up block on Babettes's blanket. Lots more to do though :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the picture of your babette blanket. I've been looking at them online but haven't managed to find assemby instructions. Are all the blocks joined using the same layout? Love the blog, by the way.

Sally Anne said...

Hi Anonymous
No, the blocks are joined in a different variation each time. The pattern is in Interweave Crochet spring 2006 and the full layout of the blocks is shown in a numbered diagram. If you wish to email me I can send you the diagram, I'll just scan it and send it :-)

Melissa said...

hi mum,
so nice to see arlo's bike is a good perching spot for native birds what a sweet little tui!
great to see clare in the rose patch, too- it looks hot there!

caireen said...

thank you for the bird sounds link! it is so interesting to see how another continent may sound through it's birds!! for me it conjured up sounds of rich lush vegetation, and made the birds outside my window sound very 'British". I love the tui (looks a bit like blackbird?) and also, of course Ruru - is it called morepork?, I noticed that in the banner.

Lex said...

Thanks for the offer, email sent, Lex.


oh i love the colors in it:)