Thursday, February 7, 2008

On the Summer Sea

Today I awoke to birdsong in the native bush outside the window. The tide was in and the sea and sun were beckoning. It was too hard to resist and we decided to take our wee boat out .

I rather fancied our chances of catching a schnapper. While I was still in bed having my first cup of tea , my eyes were fixed on a little red boat out on the sea that seemed to have lots of seagulls flying around it. The boat was anchored in a spot that 40 years ago ( yep, I did say 40 !!) was renowned for lots of schnapper. My father and I used to row out there and catch all we wanted in fifteen minutes flat. Sadly, those days are long gone and it is not often that I go out fishing any more, but today was the day.

It was fun being out there on the water, even though the boat's engine ( yeah, it's also about 40 yrs old, along with the boat), kept threatening to putter out and I thought we would be using the oars to get us back.

We did get quite close to that red boat though, and watched them catch a stingray ( which they quickly unhooked, thankfully, and it was able to swim away)

Here they are unhooking the poor stingray.

This is us bobbing about. See the sandwich that Ian is holding, well that was the only bite that we had all morning. No bites on the fishing lines. We were the ones doing all the eating...chicken salad sandwiches, chocolate biscuits and ginger beer...... yum, quite a feast really.

Of course my "Arisaig" knitting decided to come along for the ride. Ian thought that it had probably put the fish off.

But I didn't mind, it was more fun out on the water knitting, than fishing.

Thank you all for your kind and generous comments on the last post. That quilt was so much fun to make...the squares are cut 5 1/2 inches and I quilted tram lines in a grid on the squares, and quilted wavy lines on the borders. I used "warm and natural" cotton batting in the middle .


Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just how I see myself + himself in a few years time - boat on the water, him reading a book and me with my lapquilt, knitting and sandwiches! A lovely post, thank you!

Claudia @

Anonymous said...

i love getting out to sea - it's so much fun. I hope the stingray is okay - even though I find I get nervous of them when I swim.
Kate /