Thursday, February 28, 2008

More, And Now

It is my birthday today and I am spending it doing all my favorite things.

More of this doodling, yes, I have found that others do it too, and there is even a book written about it, it is called doodle stitching.

A favorite poem to share by Lauris Edmond
Wellington Letter

More and more she cries, at two years
old, and more again- more plums more
trees more nests and eggs ( and squawking
hens) more pips and melons dribbling
from more lips, more dancing on the roof
more night more day, sun splintering
through cracks of early morning doors,
more floors more bare feet curling on
their woody sheen, more arms and elbows
toes, and breasts, more white and smooth
more round and small, more slips of grassy tips and petal shine, more
gold and black and rosy, smell of feathers
warm,wet,more scrape of gravel, kiss
of dust, more soft sour sharp-sweet,
more shooting stars more midnights,
milk and apples, mountains, cats' meows
and mornings - more, she says. And now.

I do believe that even though I have turned fifty two today, I am still very much the two year old in this loved poem. The "smell of feathers" reminds me of a dear little blue budgie I had as a pet when I was a young girl. His name was Nickie, and he would perch on my finger and allow me to kiss him, and I would breathe in deeply the smell of his warm feathered little body. Delicious.

I have had some birthday surprises already in the post, look at this from Melissa

A beautiful cushion made by her own fair hands, wool felted and a really lovely linen backing.


The most gorgeous belt ever seen in this hemisphere!

From Noa Noa in Norway, and it fits perfectly!

From myself, from purl .This arrived in my letterbox today ( perfect timing) and I have put the skeins in different rooms of the house to see if I can photograph the true colours..I can't.

This photo was taken in the bathroom and what looks like blue is a really deep inky purple.

They are for the Babette blanket I am making,

More to come in the next post.


kimberlee said...

oh happy birthday! what a nice day you have planned.

stitch doodling sounds pretty remarkable, i am very interested. not really in doing it myself but in seeing and learning more about this curious form of artistic and crafty expression.

Melissa said...

happy birthday mum! hope you've had a lovely day. woohoo- what loot from purl! i've been dreaming about ordering a package from them for a while now- i just have to do it! :)

pebbledash said...

Happy happy birthday, Sally Anne! All those lovely goodies....and a day spent doing things you love...just what a birthday girl needs and deserves! xx

caireen said...