Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I had a little wander around the garden this evening to pick some fruit, and the light was so good I decided to take along my camera,

First I made dinner with these. It seems a shame to chop them up as they make such a colourful still life .

We had creamy fettucine with zucchini and mushrooms,

Then some juicy sweet plums for dessert.

I took a bite of a red delicious to see how crunchy it could be

The pears are not quite ready. These poor trees don't get much TLC from us, we don't spray, and the best we do for them is an occasional pruning and some hen poo.

A lemon from the lemonade tree .

This bourgainvillia has just come into flower above our porch. Every year it starts to flower earlier and earlier. A few years ago it flowered over Easter, and the fantails loved to perch in it's branches looking for lazy flies, and the flowers were still dropping as I bought in wood for the winter fire.

I think this is echinachea. It flowers every year and I adore it and so do the bees.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

your garden looks fantastic.

thanks for your tips the other day, its always good to hear from a veteran. I may try re potting:)

enjoy the harvest!


Sandra said...

These are such lovely photo. That is a really great harvest, there must be a great deal of satisfaction in eating from your own garden