Monday, February 25, 2008


Playing around with fabrics and threads is always a good stress buster, and I have been rushing through the last couple of weeks, feeling a little like Alice, running after The White Rabbit.

Today I stole some time ( when I should, no could, have been working on a hundred other work related things) to play with this:

some KF scraps left over from A Summer Sea and a few embroidery threads.

After this little piece is completed I am going to be on the lookout for some paisley fabrics. It might be fun to embellish the paisley prints in the same way.

To make it easier to work on I stabilised the fabric with some fine "iron on lawn interfacing". As you can see I didn't have very long to work on it, but it was fun to play for a while and to stop rushing about.

I plied my two full bobbins of the green romney fibre and it made a skein big enough to knit a couple of pairs of fingerless mitts, or maybe a hat for the winter like this one .
I started on the other sleeve for Melissa's Arisaig at the weekend.
I am so tired of this particular project, and when it is finally finished then I shall expect her to wear it every day for at least three months , yep, that should be enough I think. After that she can do what she likes with it. No, a better idea would be to keep it for Keira as an heirloom!!! Only kidding Melissa...don't worry. I just hope it will fit and that you will like it.

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Sandra said...

This looks like fun to do. I agree with you that stitching being a stress buster. What will you do with it when you are finished?