Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crossing over to Autumn

We have just had the most beautiful Easter weekend, weather wise, that I can remember. Brilliant sunshine and hot days, warm enough to still swim in the rivers and the sea. I didn't swim, but I did spend some time in the garden and planted the brassicas for the autumn, and some bulbs for the spring.
I brought some hyacinth bulbs inside, so I can watch the changes that take place.

I always enjoy the process of seeing the tiny green shoots appearing, and watching them grow into large flowers that, last year, needed a couple of my knitting needles to support their stems, the flowers were so heavy and fragrant.

I love the movement of the seasons, and the treats in store that each month brings. Our walnut tree is not quite ready to drop it's treasure, but when it does, I know the feijoas will not be far behind.


Little Miss Flossy said...

I have the yummiest recipe for fejoa and walnut cake, doesn't last long around our house! Sounds like you had a very peaceful Easter.

kimberlee said...


this process looks fascitnating and I have not idea what is going to happen. please post photos as they transform!

hope you had a good easter