Monday, March 17, 2008

The Tail End

Yesterday in the late afternoon we were driving on the Whangamoa Saddle. Ian was carefully
negotiating the sharp bends and curvy corners, because as well as the two dogs, we had Uncle Alan sitting in the back, and didn't want him to feel carsick. On this rather ordinary afternoon , in the car , being driven along I had a Eureka moment. Finally, after two and a half years I put the last stitch in the Arisaig cardigan. Oh it was such a good feeling! It was actually quite amazing that I could knit at all, as this is a very winding road ( my father used to call it The Long and Winding Road), but that will show you and anyone who knows the Whangamoas, that I was truly desperate to finish!

I only have this to knit now and then it will be ready to sew together.This tie has to be 80 inches long and then I shall knit another of 18 inches. They will be the ties that make it into the wrap.
Ta Dah !!! More pics before the sewing up


Suzan said...

I've got a Fair Isle you could help me finish! Your's looks lovely.

Libby said...

Indeed the Whangamoa's are not for faint hearted knitters - did you see me? I might have been the one knitting when stopped by the traffic lights where there are road works!! I make sure I have something handy all the time at the moment as there are plenty of stops with lots of work being done on the road between Nelson & Rai Valley. A few rows here & there & it all adds up.

kimberlee said...

congrats on long project finished. though I don't know how you knit in the car.