Thursday, March 27, 2008

Packaged and Posted

It feels very good to send these away.This month of March I had redoubled my hours of working on Alexander's blanket and Melissa's Arisaig and I was in a fever to finish!

Something that I have discovered this month about myself, is that as soon as I set myself a time limit to finish a project, then the actual process becomes devoid of the same enjoyment that I was experiencing before the self imposed time limit. Interesting, I am thinking. There have been quilts and shawls and jackets (big projects) that I have made over the years, and without a time limit, I work on them when I feel like it, sometimes, as was the case with my anniversary quilt , I feel a little bereft when the work finally comes to a completion.

However in this case, I am very happy to be finished and sending them off and hope that the recipients will be happy!

I am having a great day today thinking about all the other things I have queued up and before I tackle something big, I might just have a little break and knit something for fun , like this,

a little brown monkey from the book "Toys to Knit" by Tracey Chapman.


Little Miss Flossy said...

Imagine having a wonderful package like that to look forward to! Good on you for getting them both completed.


I imagine it wil also feel good to get them!

Melissa said...

ohhh... is that really for me?!
thank you so much! xxx

kimberlee & Lies said...

Congratulations on finishing (and sending!) both big projects.
X Lies

jasmine t said...

hello just found your blog and making contact with other bloggers!! hello and what a wonderful blog!!

caireen said...

he's very cute, that monkey!